Chronically Me: Flushing Out My Life And Times With IBS, A Memoir In Comics by Joy Spencer

frame #1: MY SEARCH BEGINS: THE EARLY YEARS...*around 1988 or soEveryone was so sure they had the "answer".Dr. says: Everything is caused by candida or yeast. We will cure you! I will give you various noxious things to drink and additives that will proceed to make you worse...My first foray into the world of alternative medicine was to a Doctor who believed everything was caused by candida albicans - a yeast that lives in the mouth, throat, intestines and other areas. This was my inauguration into that murky world out there that draws desperate people like me.Nothing worked - just produced frustration and discomfort...on to other Doctors!frame #2: I am given amitriptyline, an old-timey antidepressant whose side-effects were thought to help IBS. Couldn't keep my head up!frame #3: I am given a strong antibiotic: FlagylI get: tongue thrush (ironically- a yeast infection)frame #4: And then - my memorable, miserable visit to a noted gastroenterologist in my area...he proceeded to berate and chastise me for even presenting my problem to him...Dr. shouts: You're complaining of pain, discomfort? Why don't I take you down to the Stomach Cancer wing in the hospital & show you what Real Pain looks like!!(Dr. Sloan gets really angry at me!)I am thinking: I feel so bad about myself-and guilty...and yes, angry at him-I want to tip that desk over onto him!

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