My Story of IBS… or How Did I Get Into This Situation?

So, how did I get into this situation? Here I was, rapidly aging (late 50's), sitting in this "licensed psychologist/hypnotherapist's" office, frozen with fear and trepidation, waiting to be hypnotized. The Doctor's huge English Labrador is pacing around making me extremely nervous. New Age Music is playing in the background and the strong scent of patchouli is (gaggingly) in the air. The Doc sports an earring, ponytail & inscrutable smile, closing his eyes to feel my " Energy Force Field". The following is my 25 year saga of how I got here, and my desperate, sometimes crazy, search for HELP.

I will use this ridiculous, true situation with the new-age psychologist/hypnotherapist and his hyper dog as a starting point for my rambling saga. This Dr. was supposedly trained in the protocols set out by a noted psychologist at UNC specifically geared to alleviate IBS. There were only a few of these trained people on a list near where I live, and I tried this one. It really threw me for a loop with the unhappy dog (with digestive problems…ironic, no?) lumbering around me while I was supposed to be put in a hypnotic trance (didn’t happen). I did not go back to this guy, but I did do a 3 month “therapy” of hypnosis CDs (IBS Audio Program 100 by Michael Mahoney) on my own. Very pleasant and relaxing…but it did nothing for my main problem.IBS (or whatever is really happening in my body) has taken over my life and caused me to seek out relief in a sometimes desperate, sometimes crazy, and always frustrating search for HELP.

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