Snapshots of Memorable Moments From My Unhelpful Dr.’s Hall of Fame

Snapshots of Memorable Moments From My Unhelpful Dr.'s Hall of Fame   frame #1: circa 1989 Scorn...pity...disbelief...but boring a Doctor to sleep? (me talking): "...cramping, pain, and then in 1988 I got tested for this and that blah blah blah, blah blah he snoring?"   This guy was a highly recommended gastroenterologist from Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, NYC   frame #2: circa 1998 (me talking) "None of this stuff works"   (Doctor talking) "You have a BAD ATTITUDE!! You'll never get better that way! Muscle-testing for "allergies" - supposedly by holding thee material in my hand and him testing my arm strength would give the answer.   This "alternative" chiropractor did "applied kinesiology" and used magnets for "healing" as well as putting me on a low-carb diet.   frame # 3: circa 2001 yet another long story fro me   (me talking) "...cramping, pain and then terrible gas all night and I can't sleep or eat anything. I got tested for blah, blah and I have tried blah blah blah blah blah   (Doctor talking) "...(pauses a beat) NOPE- CAN'T HELP YOU!   A local gastroenterologist.  This 1st (and last) visit stood out because now I see he was honest, but wasn't interested in attempting to treat an IBS patient AT ALL!

I needed to get some of my memorable visits to Dr.’s along the way into my blog.  I have seen so many and such a variety of health practitioners! But these three visits still stand out in my mind. There are still more, but for sheer (sometimes surreal) comic moments, these three stand alone. The “alternative chiropractor” (the one using magnets and applied kinesiology) was actually recommended to me by an otherwise intelligent friend of mine. Desperate times sometimes cause desperate actions. I am far too pragmatic a person to take the leap of faith necessary to believe in these “out-there” therapies. But, hey, I was willing to give it a try. He was another one who was totally convinced of his way of doing things. He also insisted on a stool sample sent to a rather exotic lab that tested for all kinds of things. One of the things he came back with after that was I possibly “chewed too fast”. As shown in the cartoon, he did not like my “attitude”. I wasn’t too crazy about his, either.

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