Travel-Related Anxiety

Travel-Related Anxiety   Like the T.V. show Lost...there's us and the "others". (people with normal G.I. tracts)   Here are just a few of my travel anxieties developed/cutivated over the years:   Frame #1:   1.* Riding in the back seat (usually a no-no)   2. Riding over 15 minutes with people I don't know (or sometimes not even with people I do know)   3. Riding on roads with no restroom stops   I always fee better driving by myself-alone in the car... *Taxis a necessary execption-Ipray for a short ride   Frame #2:   And Public Transportation Issues: No riding on long bus rides with no bus bathrooms I really started hating buses...not trains And no tour groups with rigid schedules   Frame # 3:   Subways   I try to keep subway rides to a time minimum of 20 minutes- as few changes as possible   Frame #4   Thought bubble: "My embarrassment knows no bounds"   Flying For some reason, flying exacerbates my intestinal gas to an incredible degree-I try to never eat and thank God for the noise of the jet engines!   Frame # 5:   And the agony of being trapped in unexpected traffic jams!

Many of my anxieties that have developed over the years are travel-related. They all present their own challenges for people like me who never know how they are going to be feeling. People think I am very weird/unfriendly when I don’t want to ride in cars with them or prefer to meet them at a place in my own car. Flying has really evolved into an extraordinarily uncomfortable event. I have read that the change in cabin pressure can affect the gut. All I know is that however long the flight is in the air, is how long I have a very violent reaction with intestinal gas. It doesn’t end until the flight is on the ground. And then I have to recover from that attack, which can take quite a while…days. And so it goes…with each mode of transportation, a different anxiety/phobia manifests itself. I think for some reason, buses inspire the greatest fear. Trains, not so much. I’d be interested to hear from whoever is reading this about travel fears/indignities that I have not covered.

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  1. Working for a company that has its regional business office 40 minutes away, my coworkers and I often have to travel there for meetings. Everyone always suggests carpooling to save gas, and I always have to decline. Luckily I’ve worked there for long enough that most people understand why I have to drive separately, but when we get new people I either have to explain all over again or have them just assume that I’m a loner or a bitch. I always make up stories about having to help my mom out after the meeting (since she lives in that town) so I can get out of driving with them.

    If I do ever get stuck driving with someone else or, god forbid, flying in a plane or in some other form of public transportation I try to just focus on my breathing and staying calm. I end up seeming rude if I’m with other people because I’m being so quiet trying to control my bowels. I hate traveling!

  2. Rachel,

    I am about to embark on a 12 hour plane ride going overnight to South America. All I can think about is how little I am going to eat, and what on earth is going to happen to me the following morning when we arrive in Argentina. My very rigid schedule will be thrown way off, my intestines wil take revenge, and I will be a wreck. Traveling is a challenge, to say the least. Even short flights throw me.

    I appreciate what you said about carpooling. It makes me feel so much better to know I am not the only “weird”, “rude” person out there. There are many times, I’m sure, when people assume I am a strange loner who just doesn’t want to drive with them. I’m sure there are others with our problem who get in the same situations. Thanks for commenting.

    • u can just remember a clpuoe conversation starters to help you and other than that, it isnt too bad, I got adhd and anxiety disorder, i think ocd and possibly some social anxiety too i dunno exactly what it is yet but the thing is that i cant ever think of anything to say to start a conversation, u could start by complimenting her and then introduce urself, get her name and then ask how shes doing, etcu can also get medication for anxiety, either prescription or i think if u smoke weed regularly then that cures anxiety, if u live in a state where they have medical marijuana then u could probably get one for thati think hypnosis would help but i dont know what exactly self-hypnosis is thoand the other person who answered about just knowing that the worst that could happen is that she says no, anxiety disorder isnt like that, its like u have irrational fears and crap that u cant control and stuff

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