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5-stars – A masterpiece both in its illustrations and content.

Joy Spencer’s comic illustrated book “Chronically Me: Flushing Out My Life and Times, a Memoir in Comics” provides a path through her own personal Irritable Bowel Syndrome maze. It captures precisely the trials and tribulations of someone who has IBS. I have a great affinity with someone who understands what it is like to be diagnosed with IBS, to travel from doctor to doctor trying to find a clear treatment, and can convey it all in such a creative fashion. Some might not click with the comic style; however, the content in the comic bubbles above and around the illustrations are truly what someone with IBS can relate to. Joy oozes empathy and someone with IBS, and their family, can really relate to the struggle that she faces. Needless to say, someone new to IBS can also relate to the path that Joy follows because they may want to try some of her avenues them self. Joy’s book gave me a great deal of comfort knowing that I’m not alone in my own struggle with IBS. For that, this personal masterpiece will be read over and over again when my IBS gets me down.

Jeffrey D. Roberts, MSEd, BSc
Founder, IBS Self Help and Support Group

Pg 1 Alecia IBS story

And Now Welcome to my Night-Time Chamber of Horrors

Literal Transcription of Cartoon #5:   And Now Welcome to my Night-Time Chamber of Horrors: I believe an army of demons enter my intestines as soon as I lie down at night and begin:   Twisting and Turning Stabbing Hammering Setting off explosives Shaking, then pouring bubbly champagne Detonating bombs setting off TNT and Grenades Sending in Fire-breathing Dragons More Twisting and Turning   My Heironymous Bosch vision of what is going on in at night when I lie down to go to sleep.   The Demons come out to terrorize my intestines... It's the only thing I can figure is happening.

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