Five Days Only…FREE KINDLE BOOK GIVEAWAY from September 25th to September 29th, 2017!

Don’t miss this chance to order a FREE KINDLE copy of my book, Chronically Me, Flushing Out My Life And Times, A Memoir In Comics by Joy Spencer:A New Pill is Out!!! (Yet another dashing of hopes) The arrival of Linzess... No "Magic Bullet" for me Frame 1: My nice gastroenterologist: "So, a new pill has come out. Call me next week, we'll discuss it. (wearing endoscopy scrubs) Husband waking from colonoscopy My thought bubble: "It'll NEVER work...oh but what if it does? What would it mean to be living a normal life? Musn't hope... When I drive my husband for a colonoscopy, our (nice) gastroenterologist tells me that a new pill has come out. He will be going to a seminar hosted by the drug manufacturer and he'll let me know if he thinks I should try it. I am skeptical, as nothing has ever helped me, but I cannot help myself...a tiny iota of hope slithers into my consciousness. This is perhaps the cruelest part of all. Frame 2: On the computer screen: "For Gods sake, don't take Linzess!" "I was bloated with horrible cramps all day! Doesn't work!" "I took pills and there was no difference." "I had diarrhea all morning...horrible!" "I was scared to leave the house." So, of course, I go online to the web site to see what my fellow-sufferers are saying-doesn't look promising...scary...then I get the OK from the Dr. Frame 3: As usual, there never seems to be a "good" day to invite more misery into my life. And then...I take the lowest dose. Frame 4: While trying too recuperate from the trauma to my intestines from Linzess, I take to my trusty, therapeutic blog *. (my thought bubble): Just once, I'd like to feel better, not worse! *will not go into detail here about what transpired¬†

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About me

I am an artist who has had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for over 25 years. I finally decided to put my artistic ability and humor together with my experiences as an IBS sufferer to create a cartoon blog, This blog provides an outlet for me, and will hopefully resonate with others who have the same chronic illness.

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